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techUK’s Social Care Working Group: October 2021

Update from NHSX – Emma Harris, Assistant Director of Digital Social Care Transformation

We were joined by Emma for an update on ongoing work at NHSX around digitising social care. Emma outlined that NHSX have conducted research and recognise that most social care professionals do not feel they have access to an appropriate digital solution, with 90% of hospital discharges still received by letter.

Emma recognised that although digitising social care is a broad statement, NHSX are aware that it is by the introduction of digital solutions that we will be able to gain benefits both within the NHS and social care.

Outlining some of the innovation technology solutions recently trialled, Emma spoke to the success of acoustic monitoring in achieving a reduction in falls and subsequent hospital admissions. In September NHSX also launched a supportive fund, meaning that Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) may make an application for social care records or falls prevention tech, with the ability to fund up to areas.

Other areas of focus include digital social care records, for which there are already seven pilots up and running, as well as the standards and regulation space, in which NHSX are creating a priority list for social care.

Show & Tell – Vivek Patni, CEO of WeMa

This section of the Working Group session is designed to further collaboration and foster growth in the social care tech sector, hearing from a member on who they are, the social problems their tech solves, and the opportunities they see for other members to partner with them. This presentation from WeMa’s Vivek Patni forms the second in techUK’s social care digital marketplace, an area for members and stakeholders to browse. You can see the first session from IEG4 here.

You can watch Vivek, CEO, WeMa, here:

Upcoming sessions and how to get involved

This working group meets at least once each quarter. Our next session will be held on Thursday 20 January, 10:00 – 11:45am.

If you would like to be part of this growing and thriving tech community then you can do so by signing up here.


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