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BIG: Some 58 library authorities are being given grants of between £250,000 and £2 million each from BIG’s Community Libraries funding to renovate, extend or build new libraries so that they can offer a broader range of activities to their communities.

The Community Libraries funding will create new spaces, turning libraries into community hubs that offer a range of activities to appeal to a wide section of society. Using their additional space, libraries will offer more learning opportunities and activities to attract groups and individuals who may not have used the buildings in the past.
Reading groups, writing groups, language classes, family learning activities, art and museum exhibitions, cultural activities, drama, information seminars, fitness classes and health initiatives are all some of the activities that could be on offer.
Press release ~ List of the 58 library projects ~ The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) ~ MLA Partnership
CC: The Charity Commission has published a revised & updated timetable for the development of its advice and guidance for charities on public benefit.
Under the 2006 Charities Act, all charities - including charities which advance education or religion, or to prevent or relieve poverty - must be able to demonstrate that they are established for the public benefit. The Commission is responsible for interpreting the law through its guidance, which is intended to help charities understand their responsibilities under the Act.
The revised timetable, a summary of responses to the draft guidance on the principles of public benefit, and other information about public benefit and the Charities Act 2006 is available on the Commission's website.
Press release ~ Public Benefit timetable
CC: The Charity Commission has launched a web-based list of newly-registered charities which will help umbrella, membership & support organisations introduce the help they can offer new charities more swiftly than ever before (400 organisations register as charities with the Commission every month).
The new list has been created in response to a suggestion by just such a 'second-tier' charity.  It allows anyone to view newly registered charities on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
Press release ~ Recently Registered Charities
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