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Role of the Third Sector in north Wales under review

How the Third Sector in north Wales will work with the Welsh Government in the future was the focus of a special event in Llandudno Junction recently.

Communities and Tackling Poverty Minister Huw Lewis will hold talks with representatives from across the Third Sector, a term used to describe the thousands of community groups, voluntary organisations and not for profit bodies active across the country.

A consultation is underway asking for people’s views on how the Welsh Government and the sector can work in partnership, especially in light of the current economic climate. The Minister will be in Llandudno Junction to hear for himself how voluntary and community groups in particular can best be supported in future.

At the event at the Welsh Government’s offices in Llandudno Junction organisations will be given the opportunity to feed back their views.

The latest figures show there are 33,000 Third Sector organisations in Wales employing 55,000 people, with more than a million volunteers helping out in their communities.

Huw Lewis said:

"The Third Sector does great work across the country, with staff and volunteers giving up their own time for the sake of their communities. How the Welsh Government works with this group is a vital question because in recent years we have seen the economy struggle and cuts in public spending, making life difficult especially for our poorest households."

"The Third Sector has a significant role in helping communities deal with this environment and helping people get by in these tough times. It is even more important now than in the past that resources and efforts are coordinated and used to the best possible effect.

"The Welsh Government will need to make some important decisions about these issues later this year. That is why I am in Llandudno Junction to hear from organisations on their thoughts on how we can work together."

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