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More maturity needed about risk says latest briefing from Socitm Insight

The crisis facing public service organisations is now so severe that they need to experiment and start taking a mature approach to risk, says the latest briefing, available now, from Socitm Insight.

While yesterday's top management recognises the potential for ICT innovation to deliver solutions, they do not necessarily understand how, says the briefing.

One problem is that innovation inevitably involves some degree of experiment and therefore risk, but risk aversion has become ingrained into the culture of many organisations.

Innovation with ICT: easier said than done? points out that innovating with ICT need not mean earthshattering change, and may simply be about rethinking how to give policy-makers, the community and vulnerable individuals what they need, exploiting information and technology to do so.

 'Many solutions to current issues depend upon innovation in service delivery enabled by ICT' says briefing author Chris Head. 'But managing this challenges ICT professionals with something very different than managing technology.'

Innovation with ICT: easier said than done? is available free of charge to Socitm Insight subscribers.

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