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Welcome for new training strategy for parish and town councils

Today, the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) is publishing a new training strategy and delivery plan for parish and town councils across England and Wales. One of our Directors, Crispin Moor, chaired the partnership group which developed this strategy over the last few months. The Commission for Rural Communities is delighted to welcome and support this new strategy.

Crispin Moor commented: “This strategy will help parish and town council officers and councillors develop and contribute to the well being of the communities they serve. These elected neighbourhood level councils have much to offer not only their communities, but also central government and other local authorities as the challenges of Localism and the Big Society approach (such as neighbourhood planning) loom larger, requiring strong hands on engagement in helping local people to influence and shape their local communities”.

The new training strategy can be found at

The partners involved in developing this strategy beyond the CRC and NALC are: the Society of Local Council Clerks; the Department of Communities and Local Government; the Local Government Association and the wider Local Government Group; and the University of Gloucestershire.

The Commission for Rural Communities is particularly pleased to be supporting the development of a new induction learning programme for all the new parish and town councillors to be elected next May. This project is being managed by the NALC working with e-learning specialists, The Learning Pool.


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