Office of Fair Trading
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OFT publishes full decision on bid-rigging in the construction industry

The OFT has recently published the full decision it made following its investigation into anti-competitive collusion by 103 construction firms.

This publication follows the announcement of the decision in September 2009 and its imposition of financial penalties on the firms as a result of findings of illegal bid-rigging activities in 199 tenders from 2000 to 2006.

See press release 114/09.

The full decision outlines the detailed evidence and findings on each infringement, representations made by the construction companies and details of the OFT's calculation of the fines imposed. Certain confidential information is not included in the published version of the decision.

1. This decision was published following the redaction of commercially sensitive information. Download the full non-confidential decision here.

2. Following the announcement on 22 September, the OFT has revised the penalties imposed on three parties, where the calculations were found to have included errors in the relevant turnover figures used. This applies to the following parties: R Durtnell & Sons Limited together with its ultimate parent company R Durtnell & Sons (Holdings) Limited whose fine is reduced from £711,115 to £544,034; E. Manton Limited from £226,096 to £117,650 and Wildgoose Construction Limited from £309,204 to £281,194. The penalties for all parties concerned therefore total £129.2 million, rather than £129.5 million as previously announced. The details of all infringements announced on 22 September are unaffected and all other parties' penalties remain unaffected.

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