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OFT refers cross channel transport merger to the CC

The Competition Commission (CC) is to investigate the completed acquisition by Groupe Eurotunnel S.A. (Eurotunnel) of certain assets of former ferry operator, SeaFrance S.A. (SeaFrance).

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has referred the case to the CC, which will decide whether the acquisition may be expected to result in a substantial lessening of competition in any market or markets for goods or services in the UK.

Eurotunnel provides rail transport services to both passengers and freight customers across the narrowest section of the English Channel via the Channel Tunnel. Prior to its liquidation in January 2012, SeaFrance provided ferry services to both passengers and freight customers across the same section of the English Channel between Dover and Calais.

The CC is expected to publish its final report by 14 April 2013.

Any interested party is invited to provide the CC with a summary of its views by 19 November 2012.

To submit evidence, please email or write to:

Inquiry Manager
Eurotunnel / SeaFrance merger inquiry
Competition Commission
Victoria House
Southampton Row

Notes for editors

1. The CC is an independent public body, which carries out investigations into mergers, markets and the regulated industries.

2. The Enterprise Act 2002 empowers the OFT to refer to the CC completed or proposed mergers for investigation and report which create or enhance a 25 per cent share of supply in the UK (or a substantial part thereof) or where the UK turnover associated with the enterprise being acquired is over £70 million.

3. The CC has a 24-week period in which it is required to publish its report, which may be extended by no more than eight weeks if it considers that there are special reasons why the report cannot be published within that period.

4. Further information on this inquiry, including the terms of reference and other key documents, as well as on the CC and its procedures, including its policy on the provision of information and the disclosure of evidence, can be obtained from the CC website at:

5. Enquiries should be directed to Rory Taylor or Siobhan Allen or by ringing 020 7271 0242.

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