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Lifelong Learning UK Scotland publish report on the sector working together as 'one system'

Lifelong Learning UK Scotland has published a new report on the seminar which took place at the Scottish Parliament in November 2009. The event brought together employers from all six sub-sectors of lifelong learning, and discussions focussed on how the lifelong learning sector can work better as 'one system' in accordance with Skills for Scotland: a Lifelong Skills Strategy.

This new publication provides key recommendations on improving collaborative working throughout the sector to create a simpler, more accessible learning system which will benefit everyone living and working in Scotland.  The report includes practical recommendations on how this agenda can be progressed.  These include: placing the learner at the centre of services via schemes such as the National Entitlement Card; enabling more collaborative working by adjusting funding structures; developing and sharing templates for collaboration; increasing the number of secondments across the sub-sectors; improving leadership practices; fully embracing the SCQF (Scottish Qualifications and Credit Framework) and designing the complexities out of the system over the next 15 years.

Click here to download The lifelong learning sector working together as 'one system'.

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