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Unite union: Hard-hitting report on NMC is ‘a searing indictment’

A searing indictment on the failings of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is ‘a serious wake-up’ call for the organisation to put its house in order.


Unite said the report by the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRC) confirmed many of its fears about the dysfunctional nature of the NMC, the body that regulates the UK’s 670,000 nurses, midwives and health visitors.


Unite’s lead professional officer, Obi Amadi said: "The CHRC report is a searing indictment that highlights a dysfunctional organisation which appears not to be fit for purpose in regulating the nursing professions and ensuring that the public has confidence in the regulatory framework.


“And the fact that the NMC is proposing a 58 per cent hike in fees that registrants have to pay, if they wish to continue to work in the health service, should be withdrawn in the light on this report.


“Asking nurses and health visitors to pay more, when they are subject to a two-year pay freeze, sends out entirely the wrong message when the level of standards and quality of service provided by the NMC is so inadequate.


“We acknowledge that recently there has been a positive change in leadership at the NMC which we hope will continue. We remain concerned at the closure of the NMC advice lines in this climate.


“This is a severe wake-up call for the NMC and an opportunity to put its own house in order.”


Unite embraces the Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association; the Mental Health Nurses Association; and the Society of Sexual Health Advisors.


For further information, please contact Unite communications officer, Shaun Noble on 07768 693940

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