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Meet VSO, Birmingham - Tuesday, 2nd NOVEMBER 2010

Want to share your skills overseas but don't know where to start? Come and meet us in Birmingham.

Meet VSO gives you with the opportunity to chat with VSO staff and returned volunteers about the volunteer experience. The event begins with an informal presentation and lasts approximately 90 minutes. In that time we'll provide you with lots of information about volunteering with VSO, from explaining the application process to telling you about the skills we need and the jobs we have available.
VSO needs skilled professionals with healthcare, education, and business backgrounds and is currently recruiting a wide range of specialisms including business advisors, managers, fundraisers, advocacy, monitoring & evalauation specialists, volunteer managers, teachers, physiotherapists, and many more. We also have two youth schemes for 18-25 year olds.

Further Meet VSO events

MEET VSO LONDON - 8th DEC 2010, Putney

MEET VSO - LONDON - 19TH JAN 2011, Central London

To attend any of the above events, please register here. If you can't see an event near you, don't worry as we'll be holding lots of other events across the UK throughout 2011. Please keep checking back for details:

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