Higher Education Funding Council England (HEFCE)
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New book celebrates the success of English higher education

A new publication from HEFCE champions the world-class nature and achievements of higher education (HE) in England, and steers the public debate about its future.

'Higher Education in England', developed and published by HEFCE, takes a panoramic view of the character, size and scope of English HE. This high-level analysis draws attention to its considerable successes, and aims to explain core areas of the sector's work where there is a perceived lack of public clarity.

The book aims to ensure recognition of the HE sector and its importance among a readership at all levels. It targets a broad base of opinion-formers, including the Government, the political parties, commentators, key sector stakeholders, local heads of higher education institutions, and members of governing bodies.

Each chapter looks at a particular aspect of HE in England, and includes a commentary from an established expert in that field. The final chapter provides a discussion on the future of English HE between four dignitaries of the sector. Video and audio versions of this discussion are available on the HEFCE web-site.