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Advisory Committee on Business Appointments - Annual Report

Advisory Committee on Business Appointments - Annual Report

News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 22 November 2011

Issued by the News Distribution Service on behalf of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments

The independent Advisory Committee on Business Appointments has today published its annual report for 2010-11.

The report records the advice the Committee gave on the outside appointments which were taken up in 2010-2011 by former Ministers and senior Crown servants within two years of leaving government.

Chairman of the Committee, Lord Lang of Monkton said:

"The Committee considered a large number of applications from former ministers in this period, as is usual following a General Election. The advice offered to 42 former ministers regarding 85 appointments that have been taken up is published in this report. We also considered 63 applications from senior level Civil Servants, 50 of which were taken up and have been published.

" The Committee remains mindful of the approach of successive governments that while it is in the public interest that those with experience in government should be able to move into business or other areas of public life, it is equally important that in taking up an appointment there is no cause for suspicion of impropriety. These factors have to be balanced against the rights of individuals under human rights legislation and restraint of trade laws to move into employment unhindered. Our advice on cases submitted to us has sought to reflect these - sometimes conflicting - considerations."

The report is available at

Notes to Editors
1. Media enquiries about the work of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments should go to Maggie O'Boyle on
07880 740627.
2. The Advisory Committee on Business Appointments is a non-Departmental Public Body sponsored by the Cabinet Office. Members are appointed by the Prime Minister.
3. Advice given by the Committee on appointments taken up by former Ministers or Crown Servants is published on the Committee's website as soon as they are notified that a position has been taken up.
4. The members of the Committee are Lord Lang of Monkton (Chairman), Sir Colin Budd, independent member, Lord (Navnit) Dholakia, Liberal Democrat member, Lord (Gus) Macdonald of Tradeston, Labour member, Sir Hugh Stevenson, independent member, Lord (Michael) Walker of Aldringham, independent member. Dame Juliet Wheldon, (independent member) stepped down from the Committee in 2011 for personal reasons.


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