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Historic day for Wales

The First Minister of Wales will today take the next step to devolving new law-making powers.
Tuesday 29 March 2011

First Minister Carwyn Jones will propose a motion to Assembly Members to approve a draft Commencement Order as one of the final actions of the current Assembly.  This draft Order follows on from the yes vote in the referendum result.  The effect of the Order is that the new Assembly elected on 5 May will be able to use its greater powers to consider Welsh Bills without the need first to seek the necessary powers from the UK Parliament.

If AMs vote in favour of the Order – and there was cross-party support for greater powers in the 3 March referendum – then it will be formally made by the First Minister tomorrow and the new powers would be in place for the start of the next Assembly.

It is one of the final significant acts of the current Assembly before May’s elections.

First Minister Carwyn Jones said:

“It is with a sense of pride and history that I recommend this next step in the devolution of power to Wales.

“After the Yes vote from the people of Wales it is time for us to go to the next level of government. Wales, which is a nation with a long proud history, is now coming of age.

“The Assembly, with members representing communities across our rich and diverse country, will be able to make ‘made in Wales’ laws to support its policies and realise its ambitions.

“The ability to introduce our own Welsh laws based on the needs of the people of Wales is probably one of the most important events in the history of our proud country.”



Law-making powers

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