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e-ILP launches in 9 FE Colleges across the UK

We’re excited to announce that our unique e-ILP (Electronic Individual Learning Platform) tool will now be implemented into the following colleges from September, creating an accessible platform for over 30,000 learners:

• South West College
• Southern Regional College
• Belfast Metropolitian
• North West Regional College
• Northern Regional College
• South-Thames College 
• East Riding College 
• Kidderminster College
• Bournville College

How it works?

The e-ILP (electronic individual learning platform) provides a collaborative, accessible but personal environment to enable tutors and the wider course team to communicate and engage more effectively with learners.

e-ILP does a lot more than just fulfil your ILP support requirements. It has been designed specifically for and by FE colleges to be simple to use, flexible but powerfully effective in supporting their tutorial provison.

Why have so many colleges chosen e-ILP?

• removes the costs for printing and storing sensitive information

• opens up student access beyond review times for private reflection and practical use, allowing the learner to build on the guidance they receive in their own time

• is accessible and updateable by the learner at all times without the need for supervision, providing a truly living support mechanism

• makes information sharing easy, ensuring the right people see only the information they need to see

• allows missing information or errors within a learner’s profile to be easily identified and corrected

What our clients have said:

“The e-ILP gives our learners access to their pastoral information, which in turn allows them to make better decisions about their own learning. The learners’ course teams can also access the relevant information which they can use to effectively guide their learners.”

Louise Mullan, ILT Support Officer, South West College, NI

The e-ILP in SRC will help to develop and embed a culture of self-improvement with students through the functions provided by the system. It will provide students with opportunities to critically reflect upon their progress and to help them plan for post-college life, either in employment or in HE.

Kevin Powell, Learning Technologist, Southern Regional College, NI

For a demonstration or for more information fill in this short form or call us on:

t: 01234 714 778

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