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Matthew Taylor's report on rural economy and affordable housing

We greatly welcome Matthew Taylor’s report and its contribution to a growing consensus that challenges any assumption that sustainable development can only be in cities. Rural communities are sustainable in their own right, and they need the freedom to develop appropriately with jobs, housing and other essentials of a modern, diverse community

Selective development in villages can help ensure availability of other key facilities such as shops and schools for the benefit of local people.

We strongly agree with the broad direction of Matthew Taylor’s report on the need to rethink areas of planning, housing and economic policy, in order to support the long-term future of rural communities.

This developing consensus is also reflected in other recent work, for example the CPRE’s vision for the countryside in 2026 and the OECD’s 'New Rural Paradigm: Policies and Governance for Rural Development'. The Government's Planning Policy Statement 3 recognises this and provides for appropriate local decision making.

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