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Cap on the costs of care

Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of The Patients Association, said

“The Health Secretary has said that implementing the Dilnot recommendation of a £35,000 cap is ‘unaffordable’ for the Government, but setting it at double this rate is sadly unaffordable for families. The Patients Association has always fully supported a cap on the scandalous costs of care which place huge pressure on older people and their families during already stressful times. A cap at £75,000 will simply not provide the comfort, dignity and reassurance older people deserve to have, leaving significant numbers still left with no option but to sell their homes. 

The challenge of caring for an aging population requires a radical and coherent change in the way the Country, communities and the NHS support older people with complex health and social needs.The cap, especially at this level, is only part of the solution. The Government needs to lead a new debate about how CCG’s, Local Government, care homes and hospitals can work in a more joined up integrated way to provide high quality care at the end of life for all. 

The Government must also recognise how cuts are impacting upon older people right now, whether it be  support at home or day centre services, the reality for too many remains patchy uncoordinated and unaffordable care. We also know that many older people are experiencing a day to day, hand to month existence, trying to pay for rising food and heating bills. We unfortunately remain a long way from delivering change.”

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