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Counterfeit Jacob's Creek wines

The Food Standards Agency has been made aware that counterfeit wines labelled as Jacob’s Creek wines are being offered for sale in the Greater London area. The FSA is sharing intelligence with the brand owner, Pernod Ricard, and local trading standards officers investigating this issue.

‘Consumers need to be vigilant and should check closely for spelling mistakes’

The counterfeit wines have been sampled and tested and there are no indications that the contents are harmful to health if consumed. However, this counterfeit product is of very low quality and substandard taste.

Investigations by London trading standards officers and the Agency, with assistance from Pernod Ricard, have revealed that these counterfeit wines have been offered for sale to customers in independent wholesalers and a number of small independent retail outlets across a number of London boroughs. In addition, seizures have been made in the Surrey, Brighton and Reading areas.

Consumers are advised that the label on the back of each counterfeit bottle includes a spelling mistake – below the text ‘SOUTH EASTERN AUSTRALIA’ appears some smaller text, ‘WINE OF AUSTRLIA’, where the word ‘Australia’ is missing an ‘a’.

Colin Houston, Head of Food Fraud and Incidents at the Food Standards Agency, said: 'Consumers need to be vigilant and should check closely for spelling mistakes. The FSA takes the issue of food and drink fraud very seriously and is working closely with local trading standards officers and the brand owner to stop the unlawful selling of this wine.'

If you are concerned that you may have bought any counterfeit wine, you should contact the Agency’s Food Fraud Team by calling 020 7276 8242 or emailing

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