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TDA comment on the Ofsted report - The deployment, training and development of the wider school workforce.

TDA comment on the Ofsted report - The deployment, training and development of the wider school workforce.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY FOR SCHOOLS News Release issued by COI News Distribution Service. 5 November 2008

Graham Holley, Chief Executive of the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) said:

"These findings are further evidence of the success of workforce reforms.

"The TDA is already succeeding in getting through to school leaders to encourage them to invest in developing their support staff. Since Ofsted conducted its survey, we have launched a range of online resources for headteachers. Over 30,000 copies of our 'Unlock the potential of your support staff' publication have been ordered, since its launch in May. And more than 6,000 copies of 'Discover how standards (NOS) can transform your school' have been ordered since the September launch.

"Support staff are an invaluable resource for teachers and schools. But for schools to achieve the very best results, it's essential that their skills and talents are used to the full. We know that not all schools are realising the full potential benefits of their support staff, because they are not deploying them in the best ways. That's why a key priority for the TDA is to support schools in developing consistent, effective deployment practices which will help them make the most of their whole school team.

"We value the positive influence Higher Level Teaching Assistants have in schools and the real difference they make to the lives of pupils, especially those from low achieving families. Investment in support staff is essential to making the vision of a 21st century school a reality."

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Notes to editors

This news release applies to England only.

* For information about how to become a teacher, see

* Personal advice is available from the Teaching Information Line on 0845 6000 991 - 992 for Welsh speakers (minicom 0117 915 8161).

* The Training and Development Agency for Schools was established under the Education Act 2005. Its principle aim is to secure an effective school workforce that improves children's life chances.

* Experienced classroom teachers could earn between £35,000 and £42,000 a year. The classroom teacher salary range is £20,500 to £61,000.

* Tax-free bursaries of up to £9,000 are also in place to enable jobseekers to study for a teaching qualification (£4,000 for Primary PGCE).

* Teachers also benefit from: an average of 13 weeks leave; opportunities for career progression and promotion and entitlement to training on the job; a public sector pension; plus access to low cost home ownership schemes.

* For more information about how to become a teacher, see

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