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Detailed Guidance for the Dry-Run of External Assurance on the Quality Reports

This document has been developed following consultation. A summary of responses received during the consultation process is available here.

As indicated in the consultation response, the results of the dry run will be evaluated in the summer to inform the requirement for the 2010/11 published opinion.

Overview of requirements

The dry run of proposals (or state of readiness review) that will be undertaken on the 2009/10 Quality Reports will require NHS foundation trusts to:

  • include a brief description of the key controls in place to prepare and publish a Quality Report in the Statement on Internal Control in the 2009/10 published accounts;
  • sign a proforma Statement of Directors’ Responsibilities in respect of the 2009/10 Quality Report to provide to their auditors (this is not required to be published in the 2009/10 Quality Report);
  • provide their auditors with a paper which explains the arrangements the trust has put in place to prepare and publish the Quality Report against Monitor’s guidance (it is anticipated that this will include the relevant trust board paper which the board considered to allow the chief executive to sign the statement that the Quality Accounts are accurate, which is a requirement under the Department of Health’s regulations); and
  • submit a copy of their auditors’ report on the outcome of the dry run to Monitor and to the trust’s board of governors.

    Download - Detailed Guidance for the Dry-Run of External Assurance on the Quality Reports

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