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Welcoming Ofcom’s mobile phone coverage research

Today, Ofcom has published research on the causes of ‘not-spots’ – areas where there is insufficient mobile signal to make a call or send a text message (Mobile not-spots – an update on our research).

Many rural areas do not enjoy the same levels of mobile or broadband coverage and speeds as their urban counterparts and there are concerns this is putting the rural economy at a competitive disadvantage. We therefore welcome Ofcom’s research and the approach taken to tackle the problem of not-spots.

Graham Russell our Executive Director said “Mobile phone technology – like broadband – is embedded into every aspect of life and has become almost an essential utility for people and for businesses. Yet there are rural places which still cannot receive a good mobile phone signal, with significant implications. Small businesses are the backbone of the rural economy but they need decent connectivity in order to be accessible to customers and to keep in touch with their offices. Employers are cutting costs and increasingly want their employees to work flexibly including from home, but this can be difficult for people with poor mobile reception.”

We have investigated the specific impacts of poor mobile coverage in rural communities and developed a series of recommendations. Our findings are due to be published later this month.

For further information see Mobile not-spots – an update on our research.

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