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57% of suppliers on new Courier Services framework are SMEs

The new Courier Services framework (RM1006), which went live in early January, includes 21 suppliers of which 12 are SMEs.

The agreement fully supports the Centralised Procurement strategy for courier services and covers the service gaps left by the disbanded Government Car & Dispatch Agency (Government Mail, Mail Screening and ‘Regional Plus’).  In addition, it provides access to a range of specialist providers capable of shipping a variety of consignments including dangerous/hazardous goods, firearms and cash. 

Wider public sector customers also have the ability to contract with local suppliers through lot 7 which offers a compliant, centralised route to a regional solution.

The framework covers all courier services available in the marketplace across seven lots:

  • Lot 1: Same Day – National
  • Lot 2: Next Day
  • Lot 3: International
  • Lot 4: Dangerous/Hazardous Goods
  • Lot 5: Secure Services (including cash)
  • Lot 6: Mail Screening
  • Lot 7: Same Day - Regional

Further details can be found here

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