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£10 million capital fund to support projects to tackle poverty launched

A new £10 million capital fund to support community projects that contribute to the Welsh Government’s ambition to reduce poverty across Wales has been launched.

Community and voluntary groups, as well as social enterprises will be able to bid for capital grants of up to £500,000 to improve community facilities which provide services for people most in need in their local areas. Those applying for a grant will have to prove that their project will prevent and help to alleviate the effects of poverty.

Schemes that will reintroduce or prevent the loss of community services will also be eligible to apply.

The new Communities Facilities Programme aims to offer £10 million between now and the end of 2015.

Launching the scheme, Communities and Tackling Poverty Minister Jeff Cuthbert said:

“This new fund is open to community and voluntary groups who want to make a real difference to the lives of people in their area. Our focus is on improving opportunities and tackling the causes and impact of poverty. Key to this will be helping people to live healthier lives and opening up opportunities for them to learn new skills to boost their job prospects. At a time when our budgets are being squeezed, only those projects that can prove they will help us fight poverty will be given support.

“Our approach is about doing all we can to help people against a tough financial backdrop. We are committed to doing everything we can to help people overcome their difficulties and improve their life chances in the very communities where they live.”

Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty Vaughan Gething said:

“We are calling for applications that are community led, developed with those living in the area and the public and private sectors. We want to see people benefit from new facilities that will remain in the community for the long-term. This can be achieved by organisations working together to provide services such as credit unions, health services, post offices, sports facilities or library services.

“This fund should help to deliver the things that make a difference to individuals, families and communities across Wales now and in the future.”

The Ministers will be launching the new programme at the Welsh Government backed Woodlands Field project in Torfaen. It helps improve the lives of low income families and encourages young people to stay away from crime.

Neil Mason, Chair of the Board of Woodlands Field Ltd, said:

“Everyone is feeling the financial pinch in our community, which was already an area of low income before the recession. But our Woodlands Field project has been a focus for us all to come together and provide help for each other, to access advice and services, and to become a more resilient community.”

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