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Development of a bursary scheme for volunteer managers

Capacitybuilders has released details of how it intends to build on its existing investment through the Office of the Third Sector funded Volunteer Management programme.
From April 2010 nearly one million pounds worth of bursary support will be made available to help meet some of the skills development needs of people managing volunteers.
Given the wide range of needs that could have been met through this bursary scheme Capacitybuilders and the Office of the Third Sector have chosen not to spread resources too thinly at the expense of quality and depth of support.

To this end, Capacitybuilders are seeking expressions of interest to provide development programmes at two levels. The first to support those coordinating volunteering activity day to day; and, the second to focus more on those with management and strategic responsibilities. Both will involve tried and tested programmes, based on the National Occupational Standards in Volunteer Management, and offering optional accreditation.

Angela Smith, Minister for the Third Sector, said:

“This key element of the Volunteer Management Programme will create a legacy of confident and skilled volunteer managers. This programme will enable volunteer managers to be better connected to existing support, share knowledge effectively and raise awareness of the benefits of good volunteer management. These outcomes will help to strengthen the sector during these challenging economic times."

For further information, visit the Capacitybuilders at the link below:

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