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UK Landscape Award 2012 opens for entries

UK Landscape Award to highlight the importance of the landscape in transforming community life

Winner to represent UK in ‘Landscape Award of the Council of Europe’ in 2013

The second UK Landscape Award opens for entries yesterday, Monday 2nd July to recognise landscape projects that have helped people create better places to live; and to celebrate the efforts of all those who made it happen.

The winner of the UK Award will represent the UK as its entry to the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe in 2013, bringing international recognition both for the project team, and for the organisations and communities involved.

Richard Benyon, Defra Minister for the Natural Environment, paid tribute to the previous winners: “I am delighted that Durham Heritage Coast, the UK entry to the 2011 Council of Europe Landscape Awards, received a Special Mention. This is testament to the hard work of hundreds of people who have played their part in the transformation of this small, unique jewel of a coast. All landscapes matter for the health, wealth and well being of society, for our cultural identity and for the diverse habitats that exist as part of them.”

The competition is open to landscape projects of all sizes and types - for urban, rural or coastal landscapes; and for newly created or regenerated landscapes. Innovative initiatives, including policies and landscape guidance, are also eligible. This year’s award will recognise the importance of working with local communities to protect and enhance local landscapes, especially where community involvement has helped foster a strong sense of identity and improve the quality of life in the area. Entry is free, online and simple.

The competition is open until 19 October 2012.

Full competition details, including eligibility criteria and entry forms can be found here, as well as profiles of the entries to the Landscape Award 2010.

The UK Landscape Award 2012 is jointly organised by DEFRA, Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage, Countryside Council for Wales, the Welsh Government, the Scottish Government and the Department of the Environment Northern Ireland.

Eligible projects will have been open to the public for three years and able to demonstrate the benefits they have produced in that time.

Notes to Editors

  1. The European Landscape Convention (ELC) established a Council of Europe Landscape Award to recognise quality stewardship of landscapes. Council of Europe member states run national competitions to identify national winners who are then put forward for the European-level award.

  2. The UK Landscape Award 2010 winner (Durham Heritage Coast) was forwarded to the Council of Europe as the UK entry to the European Landscape Awards 2011, receiving a Special Mention.

  3. The European Landscape Convention is the first international convention to focus specifically on landscape, and is dedicated exclusively to the protection, management and planning of all landscapes in Europe. The ELC became binding from 1 March 2007. The convention highlights the need to recognise landscape in law, to develop landscape policies dedicated to the protection, management and creation of landscapes, and to establish procedures for the participation of the general public and other stakeholders in the creation and implementation of landscape policies. It also encourages the integration of landscape into all relevant areas of policy, including cultural, economic and social policies.

  4. The European Landscape Convention is championed by DEFRA, the Welsh Assembly Government, the Scottish Government, the Department of the Environment Northern Ireland and their agencies. For media enquiries contact Chris Blake, Defra, 0117 372 3565,

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