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Patients Association responds to Royal College of Physicians report on stretched hospital services

The Royal College of Physicians has yesterday published a report on the state of hospital services in the UK which has found that the number of acute and general beds has been cut by a third in the past 25 years. They have warned that hospitals are "on the brink of collapse" as they struggle to cope with increased numbers of patients.

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Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association said: 

“This is an extremely concerning report for patients. The diagnosis is absolutely right, the NHS has experienced a significant fall in the number of beds available at a time when hospitals are already struggling to cope with the challenges of an aging population and increasing admissions . This is clearly having a detrimental impact on patient care and safety. As we hear through our helpline on a daily basis it is all too often the elderly, with a range of complex needs, who do not get the dignity and care they deserve. The RCP’s solutions are exactly what patients are telling us they want to see change, in particular: a new approach to the promotion of patient centred, dignity driven care across the NHS as well as improved access to community and GP’s services including during the evenings and at weekends.”

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