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Working together to deliver for rural Wales

The Deputy Minister for Agriculture has asked the people of rural Wales for their views on delivering the new Rural Development Plan.

The RDP represents an investment of £841m into rural Wales- the new programme will operate for seven years starting in 2014, and will support the environmental, social and economic wellbeing of rural areas.

Speaking at a Welsh Government conference in Newtown, Alun Davies, launched a conversation on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to life in rural Wales.

This will be the springboard for decisions about what elements to include in the next Rural Development Plan. It will also underpin the development of the new programme and the work of the recently formed RDP Advisory Group.

Deputy Minister, Alun Davies, said:

"In developing our anticipated post-2013 programmes, we are facing a challenging economic picture, and it is vital we take this opportunity to do all we can to make best use of this resource.

"The formation of the new RDP presents us with a real opportunity to make a difference, and to deliver for rural Wales, and I am keen to be innovative and creative in exploring all possibilities and options, to build on the valuable work that is being delivered under the current plan.

"These are exciting, changing times in rural Wales and I am determined to stand up for rural areas to make sure they are getting the best deal possible. I am continuing to make my voice heard in Wales, the UK and indeed in Europe to deliver the best possible outcomes from the opportunities that arise with the new RDP."

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