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FSA publishes updated Strategy to 2015

The Food Standards Agency has published its updated Strategy to 2015: Safer food for the nation.

The strategy sets out six outcomes that the FSA will work towards to ensure that food is safe and that consumers can continue to have trust and confidence in the food they buy and eat. These outcomes reflect the work of the Agency at all stages of the food supply – from when food enters the UK to when it is sold by retailers and caterers.

When the strategy was first published, in December 2009, we made a commitment to review it annually to make sure it continues to protect public health. This is the first update of the strategy and it has been revised to reflect recent changes to the remit of the FSA, new information on allergens and, following the merger with the Meat Hygiene Service, a more extensive enforcement role for the FSA.

To demonstrate that we will take strong yet proportionate action when we carry out enforcement, the FSA has also adopted a new core principle: ‘Enforcing food law fairly’.

Our core principles

  • putting the consumer first
  • openness and transparency
  • science and evidence-based
  • acting independently
  • enforcing food law fairly

To support the delivery of the updated strategy, the FSA is publishing its updated Science and Evidence Strategy 2010–2015, which sets out how we will use science and evidence to meet the challenges of delivering safer food for the nation.

The Science and Evidence Strategy reiterates the Agency’s commitment to using the best available science and evidence in an open and transparent manner. We will continue to be guided by independent scientific advice, and we will launch new research partnerships to further our understanding as we seek to manage risk to ensure food safety.

FSA Chair Jeff Rooker said: 'The Food Standards Agency exists to ensure that consumers across the UK can continue to have confidence in the food they buy and eat. We will work with all Governments and partners across the UK to deliver our strategic outcome of safer food for the nation.'

The updated Strategy to 2015: Safer food for the nation, the Science and Evidence Strategy 2010–2015 and previous versions of the strategy can be found at the links below.

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