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Anti-Bullying Week 14-18 November 2011

CSEF is urging schools and communities to tackle verbal bullying head on as we approach this year’s Anti-Bullying Week.

The charity believes that there’s no excuse to fail to address derogatory and hurtful language and expressions directed against some young people.

National Anti-Bullying Week runs from 14th to 18th November and this year’s theme is ‘stop and think – words can hurt’, focusing on the various forms of verbal bullying and their consequences.

Schoolchildren in are nearly twice as likely to be worried about bullying than other young Europeans, according to some recent research.

The two-year study, by Anglia Ruskin University , collected information from 4,000 pupils aged between 12 and 16 in eight European countries.

It reveals that 31% of pupils in were worried about being the victim of anti-social behaviour during their journey between school and home, compared to 19 per cent across Europe as a whole.

Help combat bullying

Schools and communities can help combat bullying by downloading CSEF’s innovative digital resource, Anti-Bullying: The Young Person’s Guide, during Anti-Bullying Week.
The anti-bullying programme has been endorsed by the NSPCC and underpins the anti-bullying work in schools by providing a unique insight into both the tactics by bullies and the effects on victims of bullying and harassment.

Download your free trial to help us help you prevent or reduce bullying at school and in your community.

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