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Students count the cost of participating in further education

The full cost to individuals of participating in further education in England and Wales is explored in new research.

The nature and level of cost that individuals incur when they participate and the impact student financial support has on an individual's learning experience, is examined in the report.

Undertaken jointly by the Learning and Skills Network and the National Union of Students, it aims to investigate the extent to which financial hardship still presents a barrier to further education for many students. 

The most common costs for students were found to be books, meals and transport which affected over 70% of the respondents.  It was also revealed that 42% also rely on support from their family and friends to finance their learning.

Some students (between a quarter and a third) said they have lost earnings as a result of participating in further education. A total of 15% said they lose more than £250 a week.

Please click on the link to download a free copy of The true cost of college

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