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Institute publishes interim evaluation of MOJ transformation programme

The Institute for Government has published its interim evaluation of the Ministry of Justice's 'Transforming Justice' programme: Transformation in the Ministry of Justice: 2011 Interim Evaluation Report

n early 2009, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) faced a number of well documented performance challenges and looming budget cuts.  The Ministry's senior leadership saw an opportunity to take charge of these challenges on its own terms, launching an ambitious, large scale transformation programme before the 2010 general election. 

Lessons for change 
At the onset of the transformation programme, the Institute for Government was asked to run a real-time evaluation of MoJ's progress.  In this publication, 'Transformation in the Ministry of Justice: 2011 Interim Evaluation Report', our second interim report on MoJ's progress, there are a number of lessons for Whitehall departments currently undergoing change.  


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