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Coalition's review threatens further increase in pension age

People in the UK could have to work until they are 70 and beyond before receiving a state pension, PCS warns as the government publishes its 'mid-term review'.

The document published yesterday says: "We will put in place a new mechanism to ensure that the state pension age reflects future changes in life expectancy."

The government is already increasing the retirement age to 68 and has linked this to public sector pensions.

PCS joined forces with Unite and the National Union of Teachers last year to launch a campaign called '68 is too late', highlighting the damaging effects of forcing people to work longer.

The government's own report by John Hutton - which ministers used to justify forcing public servants to pay more and work longer for less in retirement - confirmed that public sector pensions are affordable now and in future, with costs as a proportion of national wealth falling in the coming decades.

The union remains opposed to plans to increase the pension age for the state and public sector pensions, as well as increase monthly pensions contributions for public servants and reduce their value.

Cuts damaging our economy

These pensions cuts come during a four-year pay freeze and 1% cap and, before Christmas, the union wrote to the head of the civil service asking for a £1,200 or 5% pay increase for all civil servants.

The union's national executive will meet in mid-January to assess any response and decide whether to call a fresh ballot for national industrial action.


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