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Next Generation Shared Services to save millions for taxpayers

Fundamental changes to the way the Government shares its corporate services are set to radically improve efficiency across departments and save taxpayers up to half a billion a year, the Minister for the Cabinet Office announced recently.

  • The Next Generation Shared Services Strategic Plan outlines how government departments and arms-length bodies will work together to share functions such as HR, procurement, finance and payroll to deliver potential savings of between £400 and £600 million a year in administration costs.

    The Civil Service Reform Plan published in June, made clear that the Civil Service needs to move further and faster than ever before to share a wide range of services and expertise, and this is a key step towards reaching that goal. The strategy sets out a new model of five service centres instead of the current eight – two independent and three standalone.

    One of the independent centres will be run by the Department for Transport in conjunction with a private sector partner, and three existing government centres which are already working efficiently will continue to provide services.

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