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Make time to read…just 10 minutes a day

A campaign encouraging children to read has been launched by the Welsh Government.

Entitled ‘Make time to read’, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the benefits of reading.  It also encourages parents, carers and grandparents to read more with their children – the key message being that just 10 minutes a day reading with your child can make a huge difference.

The campaign, which will run on radio and in cinemas, emphasises the importance of reading a variety of different materials ranging from books, comics and websites to the weekly shopping list.

An online campaign will run alongside the adverts, and will include the redesigned website www.betterreading.co.uk, which has useful tips and resources for both teachers and parents.  There will also be a Facebook advertising campaign, an e-zine for parents and appearances on four other digital websites, including CITV Player and S4C Clic.

The campaign comes as the world celebrates International Children’s Book Day which is held on or around 2nd April – the same day as Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday.

Welcoming the campaign, Education Minister, Leighton Andrews said:

“Nothing is more important than ensuring all of our young people reach the reading level that is suitable for their age and as Minister I am determined that we will raise literacy standards.

“If we’re to encourage good reading habits, then it is vital that all children have access to all kinds of reading materials, whether books, websites, comics or magazines.

“Parents, carers and grandparents have an important role to play here. Reading with a child, just for ten minutes a day, can make a huge difference to their overall reading ability and confidence.

“This campaign aims to show that reading really can take you places and I would encourage our young people, their parents and carers to act on the campaign’s message and make time to read.”

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