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Homelessness Transition Fund - Feedback for Round 1 Webinar

Please watch a recording of our "Homelessness Transition Fund - Feedback for Round 1" webinar, held on 9th January, 2012.

Purpose of Webinar:

To explore the reasons why 3 out of 4 applications were unsuccessful, and:

  • For unsuccessful applicants: To learn how future applications can be improved.
  • For Homeless Link regional staff: To learn how future support to applicants can be improved.
  • For the Homelessness Transition Fund: To learn how future grants rounds can be improved.
  • For all: To learn how we can better tackle rough sleeping and implement NSNO principles.

Samantha Rennie, Director of Homeless Transition Fund
Mark McPherson, Director of Practice and Regions

click here to download the "Feedback for Round 1" Powerpoint presentation.

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