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After we have gone: leaving our legacy

The Commission for Rural Communities will be completing its work by 31 March 2011 but we are aware that many organisations and individuals have been using our evidence and will want to be able to access this material beyond our existence as an organisation. For this reason we are including in our plans for winding-up the CRC a comprehensive range of tasks which will be undertaken by all our staff before they leave so that:
  • our official files and records are passed to Defra for use by the new Rural Communities Policy Unit;
  • our website will no longer be maintained but the material will be archived and made available via the National Archives;
  • our publications are in the British Library; and
  • we work with our stakeholders to ensure that there are many signposts to our evidence to ensure its accessibility for the future.

We are committed to doing what we can in the time left to us to ensure that the public investment in the CRC’s evidence work remains in our legacy after we are gone.

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