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CIPD: Alan Milburn’s report on social mobility in professions

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has welcomed Alan Milburn’s call for the professions to open up careers to a wider and more diverse pool of talent.

It is urging employers to think how they can help young people to make the transition from education into work, regardless of their social background by: going into schools, especially state schools, to provide advice and guidance on jobs and careers, offering work experience placements and internships to pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and by providing alternative routes to university education into their organisations, such as apprenticeships, post-A level jobs and in-house degrees.

Katerina Rüdiger, skills policy adviser at CIPD, comments:At the front line of recruitment processes, HR professionals are in a unique position to improve social mobility across all professions.

This is why our
‘learning to work’ campaign will call on our members to encourage employers to engage more actively in improving young people’s prospects in the labour market, in particular those that cannot rely on their parents’ networks.

Our members have shown already how they can make a huge difference by mentoring young jobseekers that lack insight into the world of work and what employers are looking for in the recruitment process".

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