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Low risk, value for money solutions on photocopiers and printers

Our Multifunctional Device framework developed in conjunction with YPO and ESPO, with the support of DfE, provides an ideal solution for your photocopier and printer needs. It is EU compliant, with industry recognised leasing agreements and specific contractual terms and conditions to protect the commercial interests of the buyer.

It is will also deliver great value for money – as a result of GPS, YPO and ESPO combining purchasing volumes, savings averaging 46% on hardware and 49% on service costs have been secured against previous framework prices. Examples of the savings being achieved by customers can be found in a case study here.

The agreement offers great flexibility with monthly leasing and / or cost per page options. You can order direct via a very simple process or undertake a competition with suppliers enabling you to enter into an arrangement to meet your individual requirements, where supplier performance can be better monitored and managed.

In the direct order lot which offers a pre-specified range, prices are fixed at highly competitive rates and include all service, maintenance, repair and consumables. The only additional cost is for the supply of paper.

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ICS.AI On-Demand Webinar 3rd March 2021