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NAO report calls for maximum bang for buck

Commenting on the National Audit Office report about how acute and foundation trusts procure consumables, NHS Confederation acting chief executive Nigel Edwards said: “There has never been a more important time to get maximum bang for buck on behalf of patients.

“The NHS has a £100-billion-a-year budget, which means it can leverage enormous spending power. It is clear that many NHS organisations are doing this very well but also that here is scope to do better. With the NHS facing the greatest efficiency challenge in its history, we have to bear down on every opportunity to make savings for the public."

Greater cooperation could save money

“It is really important for local hospitals to have the freedom to decide how to buy the things they need,"Mr Edwards continued. "But this report shows that a greater level of co-operation could save money. The challenge will be finding the best way of striking the right balance.

“This report is as much a challenge to organisations like NHS Supply Chain. They must also raise their game and show that they can consistently deliver what their customers need. National purchasing can get very unwieldy.”

Read the report

The NAO report says that NHS hospitals often pay more than they need to when buying basic supplies.

Visit the NAO website to access the full report, entitled The procurement of consumables by NHS acute and Foundation trusts

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