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Wales’ nurses get a glowing report as standards of care improve

A report published recently shows high levels of satisfaction among adult hospital patients in Wales, with more than 95% saying they feel respected by nursing staff.

The third annual All Wales Fundamentals of Care Audit Summary Report brings together results from hospitals in Wales, all of which are now using the All Wales Fundamentals of Care Audit Tool.

It aims to build on the momentum and achievements of recent years and help to deliver the wider ambitions outlined in the Welsh Government’s Programme for Government.

“Fundamentals of Care” are the basic elements of patient care, such as how patients are communicated with, kept clean, and how well they eat, drink, sleep, feel safe and valued while in hospital.

The report shows patients gave high scores in many of the 12 areas audited, with significant improvement reported in the area of respecting people, where good practice supported the dignity and respect agenda. There were also excellent user experience results in the field of ensuring comfort and alleviating pain, with staff in all seven health boards gaining over 95% positive feedback – and Powys Teaching Health Board achieving a 100% score.

The Minister for Health and Social Services, Lesley Griffiths said:

“This is the first time we have published a report into the levels of care adult patients receive right across Wales. The results reflect the commitment of nurses to provide excellent care.

“The audit not only tells us where the NHS is performing well, it also highlights areas in need of improvement, such as oral health and hygiene, which will be targeted with initiatives such as the Mouth Care Bundle which I launched last week and where Wales leads the way.”

The Chief Nursing Officer, Professor Jean White added:

“The information gathered by the tool will continue to be used to form a benchmark for organisations to prioritise local action but also to influence all-Wales work.

“It can be used to highlight areas of best practice, which can be shared between health boards to improve the standards of patient care and enhance the overall patient experience.”

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