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Nick Gibb congratulates GCSE students

Schools Minister Nick Gibb said:

Today we can congratulate thousands of young people as they collect their GCSE results and celebrate the culmination of five years of secondary education. No-one should underestimate the hard work and application needed to gain GCSE qualifications.

But we have to make sure we prepare young people for the future, whether they are going onto further education, training or into the workplace. Our task in government is to ensure our qualifications are on a par with the best in the world. We need to build an education system that ensures every child gets the opportunity to succeed.

While it is encouraging to see the rising uptake in maths and single sciences, it is worrying that once again there are falling numbers studying languages. Through the English Baccalaureate, we want to make sure all pupils have the chance to study the core academic subjects which universities and employers demand.

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