EU Legislation, Initiatives, etc. (Archive)

Over 97% of foods in EU contain pesticide residues within legal limits

Data protection: Council agrees on general principles and the "one stop shop" mechanism

ScotGov:  Scotland seeks EU TTIP reassurance

Latvian Presidency to continue work on organic farming towards a general approach in May

WAG:  £44m to help businesses grow & create jobs

MEPs green light for life-saving emergency call system for cars

Responsible, Sustainable & Guilt-free - New Trends in Consumption

ScotGov:  Scotland must not be “dragged out” of EU – (ScotGov:  A union of business partners)

Riga Declaration kicks off “e-Skills for Jobs 2015” campaign

ScotGov:  Euro boost for Show

Education Ministers adopt a declaration to tackle intolerance, discrimination & radicalisation

Commission presents Tax Transparency Package

Trade & investment barriers persist despite prospects of global recovery, says EU report

Commission endorses £640m compensation for UK postal network from 2015 to 2018

International Trade Committee MEPs back €1.8bn EU loan plans for Ukraine

CIVITAS:  The UK courts are on an 'expansionist binge' which must be checked

Values threatened by hate speech must be reinforced

Ukraine joins Horizon 2020 to work with EU in science and research

Finding more effective solutions to control animal infectious diseases

Serco gifts £400,000 for care worker apprenticeships