General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

NAO:  Department for Work and Pensions Accounts 2016-17

NAO:  The Sheffield to Rotherham tram-train project: investigation into the modification of the national rail network

NAO:  HM Treasury’s economic analysis in the lead-up to the referendum on EU membership

NAO:  Investigation into NHS continuing healthcare funding

NAO:  Progress in setting up combined authorities

PC&PE:  Brexit: acquired rights report debated by Lords

PC&PE:  Report on EU Committee's work during 2016-17 published

NO:  Council’s former taxi licensing policy criticised by Ombudsman

NO:  Ombudsman supports CQC report

FCO:  New booklet published on its historic ban on homosexuality

ScotGov:  Fisheries stocks on the rise – (ScotGov:  Scotland’s economy bounces back

Food Standards Agency publishes local authority food law enforcement data

Collaborate:  Igniting Collaborative Leadership — New Report with SOLACE

IFS:  The 2012 tuition fee reforms made the poorest graduates £1,500 better off, but reforms since have more than wiped out this gain

IFG:  New index ranks best performing civil services in the world

Open Europe:  Fishing might be one area where the Opposition won’t want to oppose Brexit ~ Open Europe:  Can the UK and Germany speak the same language on Brexit? ~ Open Europe:  “Ridiculous” spat between EC & Parliament shows where EU power lies ~ Open Europe:  What to expect when the Repeal Bill lands in the Commons next week

RUSI:  Talk is Cheap - Action Needed on Tackling Organised Crime’s Finances

IEA:  UK needs pre-funded healthcare system to tackle demographic time bomb

JRF:  Living standards squeeze tightens despite pay rises and tax cuts

Adam Smith Inst:   Cash-strapped councils can count on planning reform