General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

NAO:  The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s Magnox contract

NAO:  A Short Guide to the Defra

Wales Audit Office:  How councils in Wales are dealing with service change

NO:  Foster children disadvantaged by council policy – (NO:  Social Care Ombudsman welcomes strong leadership in CQC State of Care report ~ NO:  Foster children disadvantaged by council policy)

PC&PE:  Lords debate impact of Brexit on devolution – (PC&PE:  Brexit: the EU data protection package report debated in the Lords)

POST:  Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials – (POST:  Mental Health Service Models for Young People)

Audit Scotland:  NHS Tayside continues to face significant financial challenges

IFG:  How to break the stalemate over European Court

The King’s Fund comments on the Care Quality Commission’s annual State of Care report

NIESR: GDP growth of 0.4 per cent in 2017Q3

PX:  Welcome for government’s ethnic outcome audit — but a warning too – (PX:  Spielman is right to move Ofsted’s focus onto curriculum – but can the school system step up?)

Open Europe:  Visionary or Federalist: Europe reacts to Macron’s Sorbonne speech ~ OE:  Macron’s push for a deeply integrated EU will face difficulties ahead ~ OE:  The Repeal Bill must pass Committee Stage – and all sides must compromise ~ OE:  Germany votes, again)

NEF:  New map shows where public land is up for sale - and brings people together to save it

JRF:  Half a million more people in poverty if Government maintains benefits freeze

RUSI:  Beyond Bitcoin - What Does the Future of Financial Crime Hold? – (RUSI:  Pre-constructing Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Report to the 19th Party Congress ~ RUSI:  Growing Pakistan–Russia Military Ties Reflect Central Asia’s Changing Geopolitics)

Adam Smith Inst:  We'll pay an absolutely extortionate bill for energy caps

Strategically Manage Public Services