ICT and Data Management / Security (Archive)

techUK:  CMA publishes cloud storage video – (techUK President sets out post-Brexit vision for tech ~ techUK:  Citizens hungry for ways to get involved in smart cities)

ICO:  GDPR still relevant for the UK – (ICO takes action against firm that tried to dodge nuisance call rules)

EC signs agreement with industry on cybersecurity and steps up efforts to tackle cyber-threats ~ Directive on Security of Network & Information Systems ~ Cybersecurity: MEPs back rules to help vital services resist online threats

DH:  Review of health & care data security and consent

DCMS:  Improving the way government shares data to transform public services

Environment Agency:  'Raw' laser data can build better city models

Andrea Coscelli on recent CMA activity in the telecoms, media and technology space

BCS hosts thought-leadership event for apprenticeship community – (BCS:  Creativity & innovation at TeenTech Awards ~ BCS:  Computing At School celebrates launch of 200th CAS Hub)

SOCITM:  Social care leaders urged to consider options for managing identity & authentication online for service users & providers ~ SOCITM:  Simplify, standardise, and share - Local CIO Council sets out route to better outcomes and savings for local public services)

NCA report calls for stronger law enforcement & business partnership to fight cyber crime

CMA:  New blog post on cloud storage

AXELOS:  The challenges of virtual teams in project management – (AXELOS:  PRINCE2 Foundation Key Facts - “the Magnificent Sevens” ~ AXELOS:  The perils of personal passwords for LinkedIn accounts)

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