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Example Results (25 of 42333)

22/07/2021 16:14:2511/08/2021 12:00:00Pseudo Framework for the spot provision of Home Care Services for Zone 2 in GatesheadNorth East
22/07/2021 16:13:4304/08/2021 16:00:00Provision for an Architect-Led Multi-Disciplinary Design Team for the Design of Ophthalmic Diagnostic Hubs in Somerset - TS/LOC/0543South West
22/07/2021 16:11:4423/08/2021 12:00:0067_22 - First Aid Consumables & FurnitureUnited Kingdom
22/07/2021 16:04:5006/09/2021 12:00:00Specialist Mental Health Housing and Support ServiceYorkshire and the Humber
22/07/2021 15:56:1510/09/2021 10:00:00Statutory Audit ServicesUnited Kingdom
22/07/2021 15:54:5319/08/2021 12:00:00ALD Powder CoaterAny region
22/07/2021 15:53:2805/08/2021 12:00:00Primary Care & Public Health Commissioning Support - NW RegionEngland
22/07/2021 15:52:1220/08/2021 12:00:00C35479: NHS England and NHS Improvement Mobile TelephonyEngland
22/07/2021 15:40:4823/08/2021 12:00:00Detained Duty Advice Scheme Services at Derwentside from 1 January 2022North East
22/07/2021 15:40:2020/08/2021 12:00:00Framework for the hire of vehicles (self-drive) 2021South East
22/07/2021 15:26:4222/07/2025 18:00:00London and Quadrant Housing Trust - Sales Agents Dynamic Purchasing SystemAny region
22/07/2021 15:26:3823/08/2021 12:00:00Vehicle Maintenance and Repair ServicesUnited Kingdom
22/07/2021 15:26:0823/08/2021 23:59:00205_22 - Electrical AppliancesUnited Kingdom
22/07/2021 15:25:0301/09/2021 14:00:00UKRI-1433 Electrical Maintenance Services at Daresbury LaboratoryAny region
22/07/2021 15:14:4024/08/2021 12:00:00Temporary Traffic Management Works 2021-2025North West
22/07/2021 15:06:5203/08/2021 23:59:59Live Event Creative Workspace Management OperatorYorkshire and the Humber
22/07/2021 14:56:1113/08/2021 12:00:00HDC Walkway Works at Mayfield Road, HuntingdonAny region
22/07/2021 14:50:4719/08/2021 23:59:59Soft Market Testing for Procurement PortalEast Midlands
22/07/2021 14:48:2331/08/2021 23:59:59Dorset Workforce Training to Support Autistic PeopleSouth West
22/07/2021 14:35:2711/08/2021 12:00:00DUD - Dingle Primary School,West Midlands
22/07/2021 14:20:0603/08/2021 13:00:00GB-Chertsey: May Ward RefurbishmentSouth East
22/07/2021 14:17:3631/08/2021 15:00:00Welfare FuneralsEast Midlands
22/07/2021 14:15:0323/08/2021 12:00:00SP1748 - PS1213-02.21 District Nursing BagNorth East
22/07/2021 14:02:0013/08/2021 12:00:00T21/0026 Provision of Grounds and Pitch MaintenanceAny region
22/07/2021 14:01:4911/08/2021 12:00:00Library Boiler ReplacementSouth West

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