Build Back Better: Location Intelligence in Healthcare

Let’s use location intelligence to make Building Back Better in healthcare a practical 2021 option

The news that the UK—which became the first country in the world to approve a COVID vaccine last December—is now delivering 2.5 million jabs a week allows us substantial optimism for the future.

COVID and Brexit present a considerable challenge to our Build Back Better plans—challenges made even stronger by already-present structural problems like:

  • an ageing population
  • pressure on NHS staffing
  • the issue of persistent health inequality and associated diminished life expectations for too many of us

The good news is there is an emerging perspective on how to meet all these challenges. It centres on an approach that, for decades, has been quietly aiding policymakers and industry across many sectors. We call this approach location intelligence—using geospatial techniques to attain the deep, fully data-driven, insight we need to Build Back Better.

Location intelligence gives us as a species a deeper understanding of where and why things happen. Let’s use it to make Building Back Better a realistic project, as well as finally addressing health and social inequalities that have bedevilled the United Kingdom for far too long.

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