Data Protection e-Learning for Schools, Academies and Colleges

In the wake of the introduction of GDPR last year, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of data security incidents reported to the ICO by the Education sector.

The increase in the number of self-reported cases does, in some instances, represent a misunderstanding of the new regulation; in part due to a lack of awareness and training around what is a data breach, and staff being unable to differentiate a near-miss from a data breach and the response required.

In instances, it has paid to be overcautious but staff who lack training and general awareness of the principles of GDPR are more likely to 1. Commit a breach 2. Take unnecessary action in reporting a near-miss to the ICO.

To date, the ICO has highlighted two specific cases involving educational establishments; a University received a £120,000 fine following a “serious” security breach involving the personal data of nearly 20,000 people, and a head teacher received a fine totaling over £1,000 for transferring data between schools.

Adequate data protection training is an essential part of your schools' journey to GDPR compliance.

Leeds City Council’s Data Protection e-Learning course will help you develop a better understanding of good practice and how to be compliant with the laws around managing data in school.

Key features of the e-Learning course include:

  • A whole-school approach to meeting compliance. Designed to educate staff to recognise a data breach and respond quickly
  • Role-based scenarios for a variety of school-based roles feature the type of data breach likely to occur within a school environment.   
  • Takes less than 1 hour to complete and includes an end of course assessment.
  • Certificate of completion.

Standalone or LMS version of the software available. The LMS version gives access to reports which can be shared with the School Governors and Board.

Competitively priced from £100 per school, discounts available for lead school or local authority wishing to purchase the e-Learning course on behalf of several schools.

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