Govroam – the wifi solution for the public sector

From eduroam to govroam – The secure wifi solution for UK public sector

Anyone who has to travel to different offices and public buildings regularly as part of their job will understand what a pain it can be to swap on to different wifi networks at every new destination.

Thankfully “zero-touch” access to wifi has now become a possibility with the launch of govroam.

Govroam evolved from eduroam – the established wifi service used by the further and higher education and research sector and which runs on the UK’s national research and education network,the Janet Network, supporting the roaming of 1.6 million unique devices each month.

Already in use across both Kent and Yorkshire & Humberside Public Service Networks (PSN), along with parts of London, public sector employees across the UK can now travel between any participating public services’ building and connect to the network, without touching their devices. Once the profile is installed, the connection happens automatically.

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