Insight on Ransomware: Preventing Hostage Data

Cybercriminals take advantage of a vulnerability in your environment to infest your systems with malware that encrypts your vital data so it’s unusable until you pay them to decrypt it.

Many lessons have been learnt from high profile incidents such as the Wannacry attack of 2017, and significant funding and resources put in place to safeguard against the inevitable. Unfortunately, the threat of a cyber-attack is far more acute for government and public sector organisations, due to the extensive ‘cradle to grave’ citizen data they hold.

 What makes ransomware attacks so dangerously effective is that they are self- propagating. They detect and leverage vulnerabilities in your network and software to gain escalating access to other network devices and data across your environment until the intruder cripples and holds hostage your entire enterprise.

As frightening as the prospects of a ransomware attack can be, the reality is that implementing a few simple best practices is typically all that is needed to keep you safe from such attacks.

Download this insightful short paper on preventing ransomware attacks now:

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