But what about the ‘Digitally un-empowered’?

Patients will be able to access & interact with their GP record online within 12 months, Jeremy Hunt announced last week.  Speaking at the NHS Innovation Expo in Manchester, the Health Secretary challenged the NHS to make better use of technology so that patients can be empowered to manage their own healthcare needs, while ensuring that their data remains safe at all times.

Mr Hunt made clear that by 2016 all patients should be able to access their own GP electronic record online in full, seeing not just a summary of their allergies & medication but blood test results, appointment records and medical histories. By 2018 this record will include information from all their health & care interactions.

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Free IT Asset Inventory Service

Providing the public sector with the visibility needed to avoid data breach

The foundation of effective endpoint security and compliance is all about visibility and control. Yet, as new endpoints proliferate on public sector networks, it’s increasingly difficult for organisations to know what IT assets exist in their environment, where they’re located, who manages them and their associated security risks.

A major benefit of moving to a state-of-the-art vulnerability management solution for NHS Dumfries and Galloway is the fact that they can view everything on their network within minutes and now this service is available free of charge.

This free, cloud-based asset inventory service solution scales to millions of assets, provideing visibility and actionable data on global IT assets within an organisation and enabling you to search for information in seconds on any IT asset where an agent is deployed.

Pre-Register now to take a full inventory of your organisation’s network. The service is 100% complimentary and there is no software to install and no obligations.

Ways to highlight problem
NHS England is pleased to announce the winners of a £30,000 international challenge prize to publish or present data on obesity in a new, exciting and useful way.  The challenge to data enthusiasts was to use open data to produce new visualisations, apps or tools that will help to kick start action against obesity.
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Did anyone ask Head Teachers & Health Visitors?
‘Named Person’; Court rules policy is in best interests of children and complies with law.
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Named Person

Investing to support children and families

Children and Young People Bill passed

Welsh charities bag £ms
The use of single use carrier bags has declined by 71% in Wales and donations to good causes are estimated at between £17m - £22m according to the findings of a report commissioned by the Welsh Government.
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RoSPA warns parents of nappy sack dangers as latest baby death is confirmed

Maths is the basis of ‘Life & Work’
Students will be taught how to apply their maths skills to calculate interest, work out profit margins and get the best currency exchange rates thanks to a new suite of practical maths courses starting in schools.  The core maths qualifications, backed by some of the country’s biggest employers, are designed to give young people the maths knowledge they need in everyday life - whether they want to run their own business or lead a company.  The new courses address the ‘maths gap’ where students often forget the vital maths knowledge they have learned because they do not keep using it.
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Maths entries jump at A level as pupils embrace academic subjects

Science & maths send girls' future wages soaring

Support for further education sector to develop maths teachers of the future

Employers want education system to better prepare young people for life outside school gates – CBI/Pearson survey

One law for all
Special planning rules designed to support England’s travelling community will only apply to those who lead a genuine travelling lifestyle, under changes that came into force last week.  The measure is part of a wider crackdown on unauthorised occupation of sites, to ensure all communities are required to abide by the same planning rules.
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There will be tears at the school gates, and that’s just the parents!
Around 400,000 working mothers have children starting primary school across England & Wales this September, which poses new challenges for their work-life balance.  The TUC is calling on employers to be supportive of working parents (both mums & dads) and allow them to work flexibly to help manage their childcare over this period.
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Flexibility is the key to a happier (& often a more productive) workforce

Innocents online
An international project looking at websites & apps used by children has raised concerns over the personal information collected.  The project raised concerns about 41% of the 1,494 websites & apps considered, particularly around how much personal information was collected and how it was then shared with third parties.  The Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) Privacy Sweep saw 29 data protection regulators around the world look at websites & apps targeted at, or popular among, children.
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Are you a champion Adventurer?
Ordnance Survey is looking for inspirational adventurers that are passionate & enthusiastic about Britain, and who are great at motivating others to get out there & enjoy it, to become champions for its #GetOutside campaign.
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True grit at minus 37°
Six British veterans were welcomed to No11 to celebrate the world’s first ever unsupported crossing of the Greenland icecap by an amputee.  The project, called 65 Degrees North, was led by amputee Peter Bowker, who lost his leg as a direct result of injuries sustained in Afghanistan.
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HM Treasury:  65 Degrees North team praised by Chancellor

Quit Now
Research shows smokers are 67% more likely to quit if their partner also stops smoking and 36% more likely to quit if a friend stops.  Smokers across the country are being urged to sign up to Stoptober, the country’s 28-day mass quit attempt from Public Health England, to receive support & encouragement every step of the way from some of the nation’s top comedians.
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Speedy applications will provide quicker connection
More than 40,000 SMEs across the UK have now benefitted from the Government’s Broadband Connection voucher scheme. The Government made £40m available in 2015/16 for the scheme, and the vouchers are being issued on a “first come, first served” basis. Funds have not been ring fenced for individual cities, and with more than 1,000 applications now being received each week, Government is encouraging all eligible businesses to apply before the available funds are exhausted.
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No undisclosed conditions allowed
Two homeowners faced a struggle to sell their homes after South Oxfordshire District Council failed to give them full information about a restriction on their properties, the Local Government Ombudsman has found.
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 More contributions to the UK constitutional debate

More news, opinions, documents, claims & counter-claims;

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The civil service has opened applications for its coveted fast stream, and this year the focus is on diversity. Whitehall still has a few image issues and is still perceived to attract primarily white, well-off graduates. Not ideal for a civil service keen to include a broad range of views in policymaking, because "the general public isn’t made up of Oxbridge graduates who speak Greek and have been on their gap years," sums up one current fast streamer.
If you know someone planning to apply to the fast stream, we've plenty of advice for them, including how to ace the assessment centre.

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How to ace the civil service fast stream assessment centre
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Whitehall still has a diversity problem – here's what it's doing about it

Whitehall still has a diversity problem – here's what it's doing about it
The fast stream attracts predominantly white, well-off graduates, but is working to challenge stereotypes

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Councils facing £10bn extra costs need a fair spending review
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How local councils can help prevent female genital mutilation
FGM is child abuse, affecting hundreds of thousands of women and girls all over the UK

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• Chilcot inquiry: blame will be spread beyond Blair's inner team, sources say
• Some civil servants set to lose out on 1% pay rise
• DWP seeks 2,800 short-term staff weeks after shedding thousands of full-timers
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• Melbourne city council cleared of failing to protect women from anti-abortion protesters